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The message here is very simple.


Inappropriate behavior while at work, has to stop.  Whether you are a photographer, model, MUA, studio owner, it doesn't matter. You should always be safe while working.  We want to bring model safety in the UK, and anywhere else, to the forefront of people's mind.


Between Bekah and I, we have heard many horror stories about the way people are treated while working on a photo shoot, and it disgusted us both, enough that we felt something had to be done about it.


While we would love to be able to bring you full details of incidents, very often, we are asked to keep certain details confidential. This is something we will always do.  No exceptions.  


Our aim with this venture, is to educate people, to be able to empower them to protect themselves while working.  To be aware of what is, and what is not acceptable behaviour.  Since this is very much a personal thing (i.e. what you feel is acceptable, another person may not) then it is open to interpretation.  We will do everything we can to make the information as relevant as possible.


There are many reasons given as to why we should name people, but there are as many reasons not to.  On this basis, we will only ever use names if that information is already publicly available.  So please do not be offended or upset, if you ask us to identify someone and we cannot do so.  We would not want to cause any harm to any legal proceedings that are in place, or jeopardise any ongoing investigations. 


Our aim is - protection through education.


Keep safe


Bekah and Tony

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