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In partnership with TwistedPix, and Tony Smith Photography, we decided that enough was enough.


It is time to bring model safety in the UK, and around the world, to everyone's attention, and take it seriously.  There are far too many incidents of late, and not enough action being taken.  So, now we have a place to bring you tips, suggestions, ideas, and most of all, support.


Inappropriate behaviour while working on a photo shoot, is wrong, not just a bit wrong, but totally, 100% wrong, and should never be accepted as anything else.  We hope that this page will bring this issue to peoples attention, and help people get the respect they deserve.


It's time to turn this industry round, and keep you safe.  Come join us, and be part of this new idea.


In light of recent endorsements, which we are very proud of, we both feel that we should point this out.  Bekah, of TwistedPix Photography, is an official photographer for Spirit Models.  Tony, of Tony Smith Photography, is an official photographer for The Twisted Agency.  TwistedPix, and the Twisted Agency are not the same company, or connected in any way.  


Neither of us asked for endorsements from any company, or used any influence to generate them, but we are both grateful for the trust our young brand has been given.  Thank you.


Bekah and Tony.

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