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Welcome to Safe Model

Here at Safe Model, our top priority is to keep models, photographers and all other creatives safe at all times, so we can make the industry a much safer, more comfortable place to work. Our goal is to help people who need it, and to provide advice and resources to anyone who might need them,  whether they are beginners, professionals or hobbyists.

We provide most of our service over Facebook at the moment, we encourage you to join our group and message us with any questions, advice on how to improve or any information you think we should be aware of. Thank you for all the support we have recieved so far and all the photographers and models who are working hard to make this industry a safer place. 


Please read the group rules before joining the Facebook group, and remember the most important ones;

* Absolutely No Naming & Shaming Allowed *

* No selling *

* No castings * 

                                                                                   Visit our group at

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